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Our Services

Here at Just Eleven, our experienced team is fully-equipped to provide you with the most suitable licensing options. We will help and support your licensing choice every step of the way using our strong network of third-party contacts in the industry.


Situated right in the middle of the sparkling Mediterranean sea, Malta isn’t just a year-round tourist favourite – it’s an ideal location for any gaming operator looking to benefit from some of the best business environments possible, with established names in the iGaming world, such as Betsson and Tipico, already calling the island ‘home’.


There are four different classes of Malta Gaming Licences that can be obtained, namely:


Class One: For operators who are managing their own risk factors on repetitive casino-style, skill, and online lottery games

Class Two: For operators who are managing their own risk factors on matchbook-based events, such as fixed odds, pool, and spread betting

Class Three: For operators who are promoting and abetting gaming from Malta and taking commission from the promotion or abetting of games, including P2P, poker networks, betting exchange, and game portals

Class Four: For operators who are hosting and managing any online remote gaming operators, excluding the licensee itself


All iGaming operations working in remote gaming based in Malta require a valid license pertaining to the appropriate class outlined in the MGA’s First Schedule of Remote Gaming Regulations. Any applicant must fulfill a fixed set of criteria, including the following:


  • Operator must be a registered company in Malta
  • Operator must satisfy the ‘fit and proper persons’ test, involving extensive due diligence checks on all individuals/corporate entities with a stake in the enterprise
  • Operator must demonstrate sufficient abilities across three key iGaming areas – Business, Financial, and Technical
  • Operator must demonstrate solvency in order to guarantee that player winnings and deposit returns are protected


3 Key Benefits of obtaining a Maltese iGaming license


  1. Stellar reputation due to experience and EU approved consumer-centric regulation
  2. The first to regulating new products, such as hybrids
  3. Approachable regulator


What can Just Eleven do for you?


  • MANAGE YOUR LICENCE APPLICATIONS  – Speedy and hassle-free, due to our experience handling communications with the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • HANDLE YOUR TECHNICAL COMPLIANCE – We have direct experience in successfully consulting with other iGaming operations, and a strong history of working with co-location, providers, operators, and software developers in the iGaming sector.
  • OFFER KEY-OFFICIAL SERVICES – Each licensee must appoint a minimum of one key official responsible for the supervision of operations and ensuring that the license holder is compliant with all laws, regulations, conditions, and directives issued by Malta Gaming Authority. This official should be a resident in Malta, and appointed as a director of the gaming company.


Curacao, the Dutch Caribbean island, is one of the ideal places to set up the operation of your iGaming company. Curacao has long been recognised for its achievements within the iGaming and eCommerce industries, with a strong reputation for excellence in the sectors starting as far back as 1996.

Within this jurisdiction, obtaining an iGaming license is a generally straightforward process, with one license covering operators of service, software, and providers. This type of gaming license allows providers to offer services in sports betting, online casinos, exchanges, lottery, and other such chance and skill-based games.


This licensing option offers takes the form of obtaining an all in one offer for a sub-license, ebusiness license, corporate, and other core services for a fee which is generally most cost-effective for those providers who are relatively new to the sector.

Main Requirements

  • E-Zone Company Status
  • Bank Account
  • Compliance with due diligence and KYC policies
  • Full identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owner
  • Gateway payment
  • Transparent, detailed description of the games to be offered
  • A solid business plan

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Attractive Tax Rates
  • No gaming tax
  • Established financial centre for 60+ years
  • Associate member of the EU
  • Designated Overseas Country & Territory of the Netherlands
  • Member of the Financial Action Task Force for money laundering
  • Trusted entity
  • Whitelisted by the Organisation for Economic co-operation

Curacao’s solid political climate means that the island is your stepping-stone to the rest of the iGaming world!

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