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A word from our Senior Advisor

Ever since bookmakers and casino games have moved on to the online platform, the results have yielded success to both those land based operations which made themselves available online, and to those companies who embarked their business journey through iGaming.

The industry has been with us for some time, and it has always been rapidly evolving. I believe its dynamic nature renders it impossible to keep up with all the aspects of its development from the confines of your office chair. This is, even more so if you have been too focused on making your current product work or too immersed in the development of a niche in your current operation and consequently being in the dark when it comes to other possibilities, old and new. This is where the consultant comes into the picture.

I have been doing the traveling, and the catching up in this industry in the name of my partners for quite a while now. While I do not plan to share my age (let’s say I am way past my 30s), this can be an important factor; newcomers cannot ever possess the knowledge, more specifically the knowledge of past mistakes, if they haven’t lived in this industry long enough, or simply worked in one industry for that matter.

You see, iGaming takes bits and pieces of different sectors, essentially it is a structure made of different interconnected parts. While essentially I am really and truly an iGaming professional, my previous experience has molded me into a Jack of all trades, and it is only in Malta that I have managed to be a master of all. Malta enabled me to fully consume my potential because it is an island where trades are realisable, and this is mostly facilitated by its small size.

The island of Malta has numerous investment opportunities, apart from gaming, all of which can be at the tip of your fingertips with the right connections. I found myself able to complete more than three projects in a very short time. It would have been impossible for me to do such a thing if I had to be in the United Kingdom or Italy.

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