Insights from the Just Go Cloud seminar held this November - Just Eleven
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Insights from the Just Go Cloud seminar held this November


During the last week of November, speakers from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Rackspace, Akamai and Google were invited to the Just Go Cloud Seminar organised by Just Eleven, to share their knowledge and expertise on how to enhance and protect iGaming websites and applications.

Massimiliano Isoppo, CEO of Just Eleven chaired the seminar and opened the event by explaining why it was organized: ‘With many competitive online companies now beginning to realize the increase in value of adapting their practices via the web with traffic volumes increasing and the recent tightening of compliance guidelines set out, it’s more important than ever for providers to build trusted relationships with global cloud companies’

Andrew Naudi, Chief Information Officer at MGA, gave a speech on the MGA’s position on Cloud usage and Cloud’s benefits and potential risks. He highlighted the duty of the regulator, considering the importance of the sector to the Maltese economy, to ensure the industry is safeguarded and future-proof. He claims the MGA will, therefore, continue updating their views on Cloud hosting services as the industry evolves and grows:

‘Our intention as an authority is not to stifle innovation and technology improvements, but rather encourage it. We, therefore, do accept combinations of private, public and hybrid clouds, as long as the proposed architecture meets the principles as set out in our guidelines, which are published on our website for anyone that would like to have a look at them. With an approved disaster recovery and backup set up, the software may be automated and managed externally. Cloud services will deliver efficiency and cut operational costs when it comes to distributing. Cloud offers increased collaboration and security, which can be seen as a benefit but can also be seen as a risk in some instances’


The event was geared with a wide range of topics covered by the representatives who were willing to share their expertise. Topics included private cloud vs. public cloud, security in the Cloud and what GDPR means for the iGaming industry.

Nico Gaviola, Speaker form Google Cloud Platform


The engaging Q&A sessions highlighted some important points regarding challenges for those who, like just eleven and tech teams in iGaming companies, want to embrace the cloud.

Highlights from the Q&A session:

  • Top management believe that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but the reality is that competitors who understand the cloud are moving could forward, everyone else is racing ahead and one day it will be too late.
  • Focusing on the increase in quality of user experience as a result of the cloud will monetize the benefits better for top management.
  • We have to follow with the times in the same way we adopted emails, from postage & fax machines. We cannot be arrogant to the way the industry is changing around us, that’s the reality.
  • The bank is more secure than your house, but those who did not accept to store the money here argued that if their house is broken into, they understand that. Service providers’ promises do not matter unless we are having open and honest dialogues which are about benefits, loss, insurance policies and processes in place.
  • There seems to be no quick fix, to the compliance overload but both service providers and operators are on the same page and if anything – the global cloud providers are working to help with solutions.


The seminar welcomed technology specialists working in iGaming companies, many consultants interested in the discussion and representatives from the MGA and MCA.  In fact, the attendees seeking to discover more on what innovative technical advances have been achieved to date had a tech or regulatory background and were able to gain a clearer vision on how Cloud computing could help generate a higher return on investment for iGaming businesses. Each and everyone one seeks to be proactive and lead the companies they are connecting with to embrace cloud technology.

Jay Coley Speaker from Akamai Technologies


About Just Eleven: Just Eleven is a consultancy firm specialising in development and innovation in the iGaming industry. It caters for startups as well for medium and large enterprises seeking to innovate their business models by intertwining into the latest technologies. The Sports Trading Tool, Just11 Feed and Cloud Migration and Hosting are the most popular services, as well as the iGaming business consulting, specialising in the Maltese, Italian and Curacao iGaming jurisdictions. As trusted software tooling specialists, Just Eleven has built strategic partnerships with the best choices in the industry and are dedicated to providing an exceptional service. Just Eleven have embarked on Cloud Migration, Hosting and Security. This year Just Eleven and Rackspace have formalised their strategic partnership which enhances the compliance, delivery and use of Rackspace’s managed cloud offerings to the iGaming industry. Just Eleven has recently started working on a much-needed cloud educative effort for the iGaming industry in Malta.

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