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Why you should locate your operation in Malta

  1. Competitiveness within the Eurozone

According to the Maltese Government, Malta’s economy is growing 4 times as fast as other countries within the Eurozone.

  1. Road to European Citizenship

Legal Notice 47 of 2014 has secured the first individual investment program accepted by the European Commission. The Legal Notice established a program, also known as the “Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta … [which allows] for the grant of citizenship by a certificate of naturalization to foreign individuals and their families who contribute to the economic development of Malta”. This unique return on investment can be acquired through a step-by-step procedure in which we would be delighted to assist you with.

  1. A hub for iGaming, Technology and Finance

Given Malta’s lack of natural resources, they have been driven to competitiveness when it comes to Tax, Legal infrastructure and other benefits. Foreign investment in Malta is the first, second and third item on the agenda.

  1. Innovation Driven

The annual Global Competitiveness Report for 2014-2015, of the World Economic Forum, classified Malta’s Economy right beside countries like Japan, Switzerland, the United States and another 33 countries who share the same concept.

  1. Language

While the Maltese take pride in their national language, English is another first language to them due to previously being a British colony. During the rule of the British over the Maltese, Italian was the official language and due to its geographical closeness, one can safely claim that almost everyone understands basic Italian and there is a good number of individuals who are fluent.

  1. Mediterranean climate and lifestyle – the whole package

Malta and its sister island Gozo are not only blessed with natural beaches and an excess in Vitamin D, but the hospitality, culture and entertainment industries are among the many blessings Malta is gifted with. These have been fully nurtured by the Maltese themselves who along the years have seen the potential of the tourist industry on the island.

  1. Longer days

This means you can spend more time taking care of your tan, indulging in that Mediterranean dish and washing it down with a glass of local white wine.

  1. Small Size

The island’s size holds many benefits. It is easy to personally get to know the persons who act as referees in this business. It is also easy to meet all the relevant people in person, even the airport is minutes away from any part of Malta.

  1. Safety

Malta’s crime is low and its health system is very efficient., as mentioned in the annual Global Competitiveness Report for 2014-2015 of the World Economic Forum. This renders it a truly pleasant island to relocate to, not only alone, but as a family.

  1. You will have the Just Eleven team showing you around

We will help you start your online gambling business whether an online casino business, sportsbook or both. If you already run an operation, we will consult on how you can get a better return on investment through our connections.

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