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Sportsbook Live Feed & Pre-match

Sentinel, like the name suggests, is an intelligent robot able to process different kinds of data info. Sentinel processes and receives data and generates results for any format, it offers a data integration for web api, websocket, socket, SDK, in addition to XML and JSON for data format

Betsentinel uses one control panel to allow easy access to pre-match, live feed and sports trading tool features.
It is quick and easy to integrate, with simple, flexible and customizable settings. Betsentinel guarantees the security of your data, account and feed.
Our friendly team are always on hand to offer support for your business.

WebSocket channel


Get data by websocket or socket and set in your business interface with case and without unnecessary expenses



Choose the data feed which best suits the needs of your business – XML or JSON.

SDK Sentinel


You can include our SDK such as lib for .NET and JAVA. Our SDK is already configured, and setup is easy to integrate and use. Through SDK you can access Object (OOP Entity)


Easy code

Easy and fast integration. Write less, integrate more. Versatile and with low copuling. Easy installation related SDK.


Sentinel guarantees the privacy of your data, account, and feed.

Easy Settings

More flexible than you can imagine, you can customize your data overview and the spreads.

Easy Integration

Sentinel offers different ways and channel; WEBAPI, SOCKET, WEBSOCKET, SDK(JAVA) - SDK(.NET) , XML, JSON

Support 24

You can contact us quickly and received our support via our channel, described in support contact area


Sentinel offers servicies that customize data feed and API ad-hoc for your business.

WhatsApp WhatsApp us (+356) 21339442